Welcome to Scale Galaxy, a blog about the Star Wars universe, and specially about Star Wars action figures. I will try to keep you informed with the latest news and upload photos of my collection. I hope you give me this great opportuinity to share this great hobby with all Star Wars fans.

To inaugurate this blog, here you have a great scene from Episode IV.

Thank you very much for reading!


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Nice blog! Keep up the good work because this is pretty interesting and people should learn from you. The fact that you want your figurines to be as accurate as possible and you sometimes repaint them shows a great dedication. George Lucas would be proud if he knew. Hopefully he’ll know some day!
    Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Hi, I’ve just gone backwards through your blog (found my way here from Rebelscum), and I’ve really enjoyed your work! Do you have any inclination to make dioramas for your collection at all?

    1. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to see my blog! I’m glad you like it. Yes, it would be really interesting making dioramas with my figures, but the problem would be finding the time (and the space!). Are you a collector of Star Wars figures too?

      1. When money allows, which as a student isn’t too often! So I’ve got a pretty small collection which is predominantly second hand POTF2, but it’s getting better…

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