Gandalf the Grey – Epic Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring)


3 thoughts on “Gandalf the Grey – Epic Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring)

  1. Once again, you help me with putting together my budding LOTR collection. Picked this guy up for the essential Fellowship part of the collection; how’s the range of motion on this guy? I was tossed up between getting this one and the Balrog Battle Gandalf, but in the end, the fact that he has a much better head sculpt, as well as including the hat and satchel, not to mention getting a remarkably great deal ($15 shipped, loose), I decided to go with him. His staff seems to be an exceptionally well made piece. That’s assuming you didn’t add your magical touch to it.

    1. I think this one is better as it includes his cloak, hat, etc. as you say. The range of motion is quite good (maybe not in the legs), you can get quite a lot of different poses, although that swivel in the bicep area may look a bit awkward. The staff is as it comes, although I did repaint the belt (it was brown, I painted it blue with silver stars), the scabbard is a completely new custom made out of cardboard, and I reshaped Galmdring’s guard again (this version is much more detailed than the one that comes with Gandalf the White) 🙂

      1. I did notice that! I was comparing pictures the seller on eBay sent me to screenshots from the movie, as well as NECA’s 20″ GTG, and the inaccurate blue, as well as the brown belt were both somewhat disappointing. You’ve made it look great as usual, my man.
        The scabbard intrigues me! I’d like to see detailed pictures of it, if possible. Once again, I’ll try and replicate your ideas once I get it in my hands, just to make my collection that much authentic.

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