Helm’s Deep Aragorn (The Two Towers)

Aragorn (Helm's Deep) 2

Aragorn (Helm's Deep)


5 thoughts on “Helm’s Deep Aragorn (The Two Towers)

  1. These pictures are some of your best work, IMO. I’ve seen pictures of this figure elswhere in which the likeness looks shoddy, but you’ve really brought out just how great this head sculpt is.
    have you made any modifications to the scabbard? it looks a lot more streamlined and movie accurate here than what all of the Strider/Aragorn figures have.
    Lastly; if I may; can you do a photo shoot of the Super Poseable Strider figure, assuming you own it? I feel like Aragorn’s most iconic look is the Strider outfit with Boromir’s vambraces (which, along with the head and Elven Dagger, I plan on taking from this figure) and I would love to get some great shots of the figure that highlight its quality before I make the purchase. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

  2. Well, this happens to be one of the few figures that are exactly as they came from the box, so if you’re thinking of buying it, that’s what you’ll get!
    I’m afraid I don’t own any Strider figure (I thought I already had too many Aragorns haha), but I may get it in the future. Thanks again!

    1. Well, it’s remarkable how great it looks, then. I could’ve sworn you’d customized the scabbard in some way. As for Strider, that’s disappointing. I guess I’ll have to make a relatively blind purchase on that one. It’s a shame I’m coming into the line so damn late. I’m sure I’d have found plenty of information if I was picking these things up 9 years ago.
      One more thing; I’ve heard in a review that this particular Aragorn can’t put his arms very much down by his sides, and that a common remedy to that problem is to increase the slit for the shoulder hinge in the armpit area. Now I know you said this figure is still as it came from the box, but have you done this fix? His arm certainly seems to be a lot more parallel down his side in the first picture than what the video review seemed to show. Thanks a lot for answering all my annoying questions, by the way.

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