Gandalf the White (Stormcrow)

Gandalf Stormcrow

Gandalf the White


11 thoughts on “Gandalf the White (Stormcrow)

  1. Excellent shots. You’ve sold me on this figure. Is that a custom white cloak? It looks much better (thicker, more texture) than the photos I have seen of the cloth version that was packed in the various Toy Biz offerings.

  2. Hey! Great pictures all throughout the blog, I Love your work!
    I recently got back into the LOTR movies and am interested in the Toybiz figures. This is by far the best Gandalf figure Toybiz made, in my opinion. I was wondering, though, if the figure originally came with the sword or if you added it from another Gandalf? There are barely any pictures online of this figure without the grey cloak and I would love to know. Thanks!

      1. Why, thank you! That settles it then, this is indeed the best Gandalf figure Toybiz produced. Thanks a bunch once again, mate.

    1. Hi Daniel! Thanks for visiting and commenting! The sword does definitely come with the figure, although the part of the guard was a bit bulkier, as you may see in this picture:
      I fixed it with a modelling knife and repainted it to make it look a bit more metallic. The belt and the scabbard were also repainted, as they are grey instead of brown. As you suggest, this is the best Gandalf the white figure by far.
      If you are interested in the Toybiz figures, there are plenty of them still on ebay at good prices, so just go for it! 😀 Thanks again!

      1. I see! You have really improved the look of Glamdrind for sure, as well as the figure itself by adding the white cloak. Could you detail the process of fixing the guard of the sword a bit more, please?
        I definitely will be getting a huge order placed on eBay pretty soon, just waiting for the 1st to get paid on. Thanks a bunch, mate!

  3. I thought the original guard was too round, so I made some curved cuts, starting from the outside in the blade’s direction, and tried to make it more angular, as you see here:
    If you want to get really nice details of mostly all the weapons and outfits from the films, I would recommend you had a look at the book ‘The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare’. I think you should be able to get a cheap copy on eBay, and I think it’s really worth it if you’re thinking of doing some customs.

    1. Ah, that’s a remarkable eye for detail, mate. I’ll try attempting that once I do receive the figure. As for the book, I seem to remember an ex-girlfriend who was obsessed with LOTR owning it. A somewhat amusing teenage story involving it comes to mind, but, I’d rather not share it over the Internet.
      I’ll get it for sure, though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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