Looking for the perfect Stormtrooper: A conversion


I was really expecting to get the Black Series Stormtrooper, which I found vey interesting. However, as soon as I had set eyes on it, a bittersweet feeling invaded me. The sculpt and the articulation were great (even though the figure is made from different parts of already existing figures), but there was something that didn’t convice me. It didn’t look like a Stormtrooper. I thought it could be due to the poor paint work, which leaves great room for improvement, but after some research I found the problem.

If you have a closer look at this figure’s helmet, you’ll realise there’s a continuous white stripe under the  horizontal black line over the eyes. If you  look at some pictures of Stormtrooper helmets from A New Hope, you can see how that white stripe is not there, and the area of the “temple” just next to the “eye” is completely plain:



Another issue I found was the paint in the area of the “eyes” and the “mouth”: The eyes looked too small, and the black parts of the “mouth” were not painted at all. After considering all these problems, I decided to remove the extra part of the white stripe with a modelling blade, and repainted the “eyes” and the “mouth”. Here you can see the result and the difference:


However, this wasn’t enough. There was something in the Stormtrooper’s neck which wasn’t right. And then, I realised what the problem was. This figure uses the body of the TLC Sandtrooper (you can tell by the gap in his back). Apparently, the Sandtrooper figure needs a higher neck in order to accomodate the shoulder pauldron, and this makes the Stormtrooper head stand out of the body too much. I’ve always thought one of the differences between Clone Troopers and Stormtroopers is the bulkiness of the latter’s helmet, an effect that makes them look “less human”. This made me litereally behead the Stormtrooper and make his neck shorter:


A last observation I made after looking at pictures from A New Hope is that, for any reason, most of the Stormtroopers are left-handed. If you try to make the figure hold the blaster with the right hand, you’ll find it a bit difficult and you’ll get awkward poses. But if you make him hold the blaster with his left hand, you’ll realise it is actually sculpted that way. Here you have a bunch of Imperial lefties:


This is the final result after all these changes, you can compare it to the original figure:





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