Star Wars – The Black Series: #26 Darth Vader

This is without any doubt the best Darth Vader figure Hasbro has ever produced. That said, there is always room for improvement. First of all, it is a pity that they chose the Episode III version of Darth Vader, as it is far from being as impressive as the Original Trilogy version. However, I managed to give him a nice ROTJ look. In the first place, I removed the upper part of the chest plate, which in the Original Trilogy goes underneath Vader’s mask. The black parts on both edges of Vader’s chest plate were removed, and I repainted the shoulder pads, which in the OT are black (I also added some details with a small plastic piece). I repainted the green button in his chest box, which in the OT is green. Finally, I made a couple of cuts on the edges of Vader’s codpiece, so that it looks like his robe goes underneath his belt and over the codpiece. Holding the back of the cape with a girl’s hairpin helps give it a more natural look. I hope you like the result!






Comparison with the original:



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